Sunday 20th January 2019
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Professorship Awarded To Dr. Ian Hampson

Dr Ian Hampson took up the post of Non-Clinical Senior Lecturer in Gynaecological Oncology at St Mary’s hospital, Manchester in 1997 and was later joined by his wife Dr Lynne Hampson who was appointed Lecturer in 2001. Cervical cancer became the main focus of their work which is still the most common women’s cancer in many parts of the world accounting for 300,000 deaths globally.

In 2006 they published a new off-target use for the anti HIV drug Lopinavir as a potential treatment for human papilloma virus (HPV) related cervical dysplasia. This was followed by a six year period where these findings were consolidated with additional pre-clinical studies aimed at defining the mode-of-action of lopinavir against early stage cervical cervical cancer. Based on this work, and with the help of former PhD student Innocent Orora Maranga, they applied for ethical approval to carry out a phase 1 clinical trial on this indication in Nairobi which was successful. However, approval was contingent on the provision of very substantial funding and equipment requirements which they obtained from a variety of philanthropic donors.

The trial results were eventually published in 2016 which led to industrial sponsorship by New Zealand’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer Douglas Pharmaceuticals with the intention of progressing this to phase 2 trials. The intention is to validate and produce a low-cost, self-applied pharmacological treatment for HPV related cervical dysplasia for which surgery is the currently the best clinical practice. If successful, this treatment could provide a lower cost, non-destructive alternative to surgery for women in the developed countries. In low resource settings, it could provide an answer to an unmet clinical need and it is notable that 85% of the world’s deaths from cervical cancer occur in poorer countries.

Based on this work Lynne was appointed Reader in 2014. Ian was promoted to Reader in 2013 which was recently followed by promotion to Chair of Viral Oncology in 2017.

Congratulations Ian, from all of us at The Humane Research Trust!

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