Thursday 19th April 2018

Liverpool Scientists Attend ARVO

Professor Luminita Paraoan and Miss Samantha McDonnell, PhD student funded by The Trust, attend premier eye and vision research meeting in USA (ARVO, Baltimore, May 2017)

Samantha McDonnell, was with Professor Luminita Paraoan from the University of Liverpool attending the Annual Meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Opthalmology (ARVO).

Sam was a recipient of an ARVO Travel Award and presented the poster entitled “Exploring the protein-protein interactions of the p53 apoptosis effector protein PERP in uveal melanoma”.

This research, focusing on cells that reside behind the light sensitive retina, identified a critical cross-talk between cell survival and inflammation pathways which occur in cancer cells  (the most common adult eye cancer involving back of the eye is called uveal melanoma). These melanomas develop “escape mechanisms” which allow them to evade cell death, that normally should act as a housekeeping mechanism by removing cells damaged by chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Through this “escape mechanism” the cancer eventually becomes treatment resistant. By understanding the fundamentals of how cancer cells prolong survival may help towards identifying new possible targets for effective treatment.



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