Monday 18th February 2019

Information on Organ & Tissue Donation

Many of our supporters, old and new, continue to contact us for
information regarding donating their organs and/or tissue for medical research.  Below are some of the questions we have been asked :

1. What organs and how much tissue will you require?
2. How soon after my death would you need them?
3. What procedures would my family need to deal with in order for my organs/tissue to be donated on time?
4. How soon after my death would you need them?
5. Where would my organs be taken to and would my family have to pay any cost?

We hope the below information may be of some help to those wishing to donate organs and tissue but do not know where to begin

Firstly, we should explain that The Trust itself does not carry out any research directly, we only obtain and direct
the necessary finance, so we can not make any
arrangements for organ or tissue donation on your behalf. However, since research based on human tissue is one of our major aims, the donation of organs/tissue is of great concern to us.

The main obstacle to the provision of information about this subject is that there is no national co-ordination of tissue
donations for research purposes as there is in the case of organ donations for transplant purposes. Because different aspects of the matter come under the control of different government
departments, there is no central record of tissue banks in
operation. Also, events at Alder Hey and some other hospitals have made many laboratories very reluctant to talk about their work.

The practical arrangements for collection also present some difficulty. For tissue samples to be of use in research, it is
essential that they should be collected as quickly as possible, particularly after death. Indeed, speed of collection is even more important for research than it is for transplant.  This means that the established tissue banks can only operate within a fairly small radius of the bank itself, usually about 50 miles. Outside of this area, the time and cost involved in collecting samples makes the work impracticable.

You may find it useful to follow the link below where you will find a clear directive on body, organ and tissue
You will also find a contact list of tissue banks here :


The most important advise we can pass on to you is to make sure your family, especially your next of kin, and your family doctor know of your wishes to donate your organs and tissue, especially considering that time is of the essence where donating to medical research is concerned.

We do hope this has been of some help to you.  Should you wish to ensure that you continue to receive updates on the work we do, then please make sure your details have been added to our database.