Sunday 20th January 2019

Michael Wormstone: A Letter From Beijing

By Dr Michael Wormstone, University of East Anglia (UEA)

“I write this blog from the departure lounge of Beijing International airport. It is 7:30am and I have successfully avoided the traffic jams; now I wait before an 11 hour flight and then I will be home.

I have spent the past few days in China to meet up with one of my past PhD students, Hanruo Liu, who is forging a strong career as an opthhalmic surgeon in Bejing at the Tongren Eye Hospital, but has also continued to pursue her research interests and maintained collaboration. In my time here (I arrived on Tuesday and today is Friday) I have had discussions with a number of groups, delivered a lecture and listened to various people present their data. Much of my academic activities took place on Wednesday and on Thursday I was shown the sights of Beijing and on our 8 mile wander we saw the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and a Tibetan Buddhist temple, which contains the biggest carving from a single piece of wood – a 26m high Buddha.

Overall, I feel that I have been able to pass on my knowledge to clinicians and scientists engaged in scientific research, made new friends and absorbed more of the culture and history of China.”

Lab tour at Tongren Eye Hospital   

Michael with Hanruo Liu at the Forbidden City

Michael at The Temple of Heaven

Michael at the Tibetan Buddhist Temple



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