Sunday 24th March 2019

Hold a Stall

Could you run a stall at a local school of church fair? 

We can provide you with literature to give away and high quality goods to sell on a sale or return basis. Why not write to your local primary and secondary schools or churches to find out about fetes and craft fairs – usually held in the summer and before Christmas. The cost of a stall is usually between £5 and £10 – we will gladly refund you.

TIP: Some schools/churches allow you to sell bric-a-brac, hold a Tombola or Lucky Dip – this kind of stall costs THRT nothing if you ask friends and family to donate unwanted gifts or bric-a-brac.

Hold a Street Collection

Could you hold a Street Collection in a local town? 

Street collections are a great way of raising money and awareness. Ask us to organise a collection for you, or write to your local council’s ‘licensing department’ to request an application form. The form is simple to fill in and we can provide you with any Trust details the Council might need. Once you have a date, we will provide you with collection tins, and if possible, some other Trust supporters from your area to help. After the collection, you will just need to send the ‘return form’ to us (the council will send this to you with your permit and we will do the rest).

TIP: Display some of our eye catching posters so that possible donors can see what we do at a glance.