Monday 18th February 2019

Leave a Legacy

How to Help People and Save Animals when making a Will

A message from our Patron, Dame Judi Dench
“Making a Will is something we all need to do, but not something we ever want to think about.  However, one thing we do need to think about is leaving legacies to those charities that we have supported during our lives, to ensure that their work can continue.  I support The Humane Research Trust because it benefits both people and animals, and I do urge you to consider remembering the Trust in your Will.”
Dame Judi Dench

Legacies are very important in enabling the Trust to achieve its objectives.  The below has been prepared and written in response to requests from our supporters :

Making A Will
To die without leaving a proper Will can cause distress to those left behind, and reduce the value of your estate through unnecessary taxation and legal expenses.  Your estate could then be distributed in ways which you may not have wished, including to the state.
While making a Will is a routine procedure, you are strongly advised to consult a solicitor to ensure that the wording, formalities and execution are correct.  If you have a Will already, you can make changes to it by a codicil or by a new Will; your solicitor will advise which is preferable.
When you have done this, you will have peace of mind knowing that your estate will go where you have chosen, and will provide for any family and friends and charitable causes you care about.
When making or revising your Will, please consider a legacy to The Humane Research Trust.  You can be sure that we will use the money carefully and wisely to help both people and animals.

A Bequest to The Humane Research Trust
Your solicitor will advise you on the precise wording , but, if you wish to leave a specific sum, the following is a guide:

‘I give free of tax to The Humane Research Trust of Brook House, 29 Bramhall Lane South, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire, SK7 2DN, Registered Charity number 267779, the sum of £……….for its general purposes, and I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer for the time being will be a sufficient discharge for my executor(s)’

Alternatively, you may prefer to leave a share of your residuary estate.
Your solicitor will also advise on the execution and proper witnessing of your Will.

Gifts and legacies to charities registered in the United Kingdom are
currently exempt from Inheritance Tax.


Via Surfing The Net
Help The Humane Research Trust raise funds with your every day  internet searches. By selecting one of the below search engines and  selecting The Humane Research Trust as your nominated charity, every search you make could generate funds for the Trust, which will go towards funding medical research without the use of animals.
How does it work – every time you search the internet the search engine you use i.e. Google, rakes in advertisement revenue.  By using one of the below search engines, up to 50% of the fees paid by advertising sponsors could go towards helping the Trust.

Find out more about each option by visiting the links below :




Via Shopping Online
As you shop on line with some of your favourite retailers such as Amazon, M&S, Argos, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and over 2000 more,  you can raise money for The Humane Research Trust at no cost to yourself.  After signing up with one of the below, you can then go directly to your chosen online store, and by shopping with them, they will donate a percentage of whatever you spend to The Humane Research Trust. Also, you will receive great offers from leading brands that raise funds for your favourite cause.

Just click on the links below to find out more :




Via Sponsored Event
Help raise money for The Humane Research Trust by either joining an organised fundraising event  with like minded people, or create your own challenge. You can then encourage all of your friends and family to donate online via BT’s MyDonate. MyDonate is a not-for-profit, online fundraising service for UK charities from BT. This service provides a secure, easy-to-use way for millions of people to raise money for their favourite charity.

BT invests at least 1% of its corporate pre-tax profits in society each year. In 2015/16, they invested £35m in sustainable and responsible business activities – 1.1 per cent of BT’s adjusted profit before tax.

Please follow the link below to learn more.

Via Your Mobile

You can donate now to The Humane Research Trust simply by sending a text message.

Text THRT12 followed by the amount you would like to donate to 70070, for example :

Text THRT12 £1 to 70070 and you will donate a £1 to The Trust

Text THRT12 £5 to 70070 and you will donate £5 to The Trust

It really is as simply as that, the text message you send is totally free of charge, and 100% of the donation you have made PLUS Gift Aid will go to The Trust.  It really is the easiest way to donate whilst at the same time helping raise funds for The Humane Research Trust.
50 million mobile phone users in the UK can now give instantly and spontaineously to the charity of their choice.  The Humane Research Trust can now benefit from the power of mobile phones with 100% of donations going to where it is needed most.

Please click here to find out more

Via Our Website

Gifts and Gift Certificates
Help The Humane Research Trust raise funds for medical reserach
without the use of animals by simply visiting our online shop and making a purchase.  Every little bit spent will help us.

We will shortly be including Gift Certificates in our shop – in the mean time, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to send a gift certificate to someone of your choice.