Monday 18th February 2019

Statement of policy regarding applications for funding

“No animals or animal tissue to be used. Applications need to show some advance in technique, or use existing techniques in areas where it is the norm to use animals, which will lead to a reduction in animal usage and a benefit to human health.”

Next Deadline Date for Applications

The next Trustees meeting at which applications will be considered is
– Wednesday 13th March December 2019 –

The deadline for applications to reach the Trust for this meeting is
– Wednesday 30th January 2019 –

Apply for Funding

Please download our ‘Grant Application form’ by clicking one of the links below.

Please note it is important that you read the ‘Grant Application Notes’ below before completing the form.

When submitting a grant application form, please note that The Humane Research Trust can only consider applications from the following

  • Projects which DO NOT involve the use of live animals or animal tissue.
  • Residents in the United Kingdom and Eire, unless applicant is registered at a UK university.
  • Postgraduate and post doctoral researchers – the application should be submitted by your supervisor at the institution where the research is to take place.
  • Medical and other research fellows – your application should be supported by letters from the appropriated head(s) of department(s) where the research is to take place.
  • Full funding of a project, i.e. no part contributions to course fees, living expenses, etc.

When completing the application, we ask you to include ALL of the following information

  • Covering letter
    Curriculum Vitae.
  • The names & addresses of at least two scientific referees who will be able to provide evaluations of your project if these are requested by us.
  • Details should you hold a Home Office Licence.
  • Details regarding your proposed research project, including lay and scientific summaries and supporting papers to justify sums requested.
  • Publications.
  • Detailed breakdown of costings for proposed application.

Please note there is no set limit to either the duration of a project or funding amount. These points will be
discussed if the application is successful, however you still need to include in your application the amount
of funding you require and an estimate of the duration.

Please ensure you :

1.  Email all of the above ie one fully complete application to
2.  Post 10 hard copies to us at :

The Humane Research Trust
Brook House
29 Bramhall Lane South

The Trustees meet approximately four times a year to consider grant applications (see top of page for date of next meeting). Notification of any decisions made will be given in writing two weeks after the date of the meeting. It is not the policy of The Trustees to give specific reasons should your application not go ahead. We will inform you if we require any further information.